Risks and Benefits


  • The risk to you is no more than you would normally experience while driving.
    • Except for your visits to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways at the beginning and end of the study or for data retrieval approximately every 3 – 6 months, you are not being asked to alter your daily driving routines in any way.
    • If you violate province or local driving laws (such as driving under the influence, exceeding posted speed limits, or driving while distracted), the instrumentation could record evidence of these violations. This has the potential to pose greater than minimal risk of legal harm. For this reason, we have encrypted the data obtained by sensors and cameras and use a code number to identify you with the code key maintained in a secure location.
    • The data collection system should not affect the operating or handling characteristics of the vehicle. In some rare cases, the electromagnetic signals generated by the data collection system may cause interference with the vehicle’s radio, keyless entry key fob, or other electronic components or sensors, such as the tire pressure monitoring system. If these problems cannot be solved by the technicians, you will be given the option to continue participation with the problem unresolved or to leave the study.
  • The vehicle is equipped with cameras.
    • If you drive into an area where cameras are not allowed, including international border crossings, certain military and intelligence locations, and certain manufacturing facilities, there is a risk that you may be detained or arrested or that your vehicle may be impounded.
    • We have provided a letter for the glove box which can be used to demonstrate your vehicle’s role in the study while still maintaining your confidentiality.
    • All data collection equipment is mounted such that, to the greatest extent possible, it does not pose a hazard or problem for you when you drive.
    • None of the data collection equipment should get in the way of your normal field of view
  • The risk of completing the assessment portion while equipment is installed on your vehicle is no more than when you are doing activities in your daily life like filling in forms, walking, squeezing your hand, and working at a computer. You will not be notified of the results of any of the assessments.
  • Your participation could end sooner than anticipated.
    • If you are not the owner, co-owner, or lessee of the vehicle, there is a risk that the owner may decide to withdraw the vehicle from the study earlier than your planned term of enrollment. If this occurs, you will only be compensated for the portion of time you were enrolled in the study.
    • Throughout the study, we will take all possible steps to protect your privacy and keep confidential your role in the study and the confidentiality of your personally identifying information. However, this privacy protection does not prevent the researchers from disclosing voluntarily matters such as child abuse, or a participant’s threatened or actual harm to self or others. Such behaviours may result in your removal from the study and reporting of the behaviour to the appropriate authorities. If you are removed from the study, your compensation will be prorated based on the time you have already spent as a participant in the study.
  • You are also responsible for taking steps to protect your privacy. Do not post or disclose your participation on any public forum including websites, Facebook, newspapers, radio and television. Protect your role in the study the same way that you protect other personal and private information. If you do not keep confidential your role in the study, there is a risk that some of the data collected during the study, including your personally identifying information, may be used against you in a court case or other legal proceeding.


  • You may find the experience interesting.
  • Participation will help to improve the body of knowledge regarding driving behaviour and safety.
  • Participation may also help us design safer vehicles and roadways in future years.
  • The funder of this study, the Deputy Ministers of Transport and Highway Safety will reimburse the Principal Investigator and the institution for the costs of undertaking this study. However, neither the institution nor any of the investigators or staff will receive any direct financial benefit from conducting this study.

While compensation is not considered a benefit per se, information about compensation may be found on the Compensation page.